Sustainability – a phrase that everybody seems to be talking about nowadays. Even in the field of information technology it has become a buzzword. However, what does sustainability mean and how can our software solutions support you in improving your operations to become more sustainable? The terms sustainability and sustainable development combine economic, social as well as ecological questions. On the one hand, resources have to be used more efficiently than ever before. At the same time you have to comply to legal regulations as it comes to waste and recycling services, emissions management etc.. Our solutions provide you with the tools required to contribute to a more sustainable future.

For example, SAP Material Flow Management for Waste and Recycling helps seamlessly integrating your legal obligations in your business processes, thereby streamlining the whole workflow. Moreover, the possibility to monitor the material flow of, e.g. hazardous wastes, allows you to contribute your share in the protection of the environment. On the other hand, the SAP Planning and Dispatching solution supports you in reducing your CO2 emissions and fuel consumption based on an optimized route planning. Let us work together for a more sustainable future – we welcome your ideas.